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How to Make Photo Gift Tags?

make photo gift tagsA close friend's birthday is on the corner, and you want to make a best present to give him or her an unexpected pleasure: a beautiful gift in a gayly wrapped package, a a lovingly birthday card... Tags? Yeah, if you can make a photo gift tag, it can put that personal touch to your gifts.

Take it easy. This article will present you how to make photo gift tags at home. Firstly, we have to get a practical photo gift tags maker. Picture Collage Make Pro is the suitable one, which is a professional photo collage maker that can turn your photos into souvenirs in a few minutes.

Now, you may free download it here to follow us step by step to make photo gift tags.

Step-by-step Guide: How to Make Photo Gift Tags?

Step 1: After you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Picture Collage Make Pro, just run it and then choose "Create From Template".

Step 2: Select a template from the the list of "Template Type", and insert the photo you need to the selected template to edit by hitting "Add".
choose template to prepare for creating photo gift tags

Step 3: If you get the photo editing finished, just hit "File" to find a folder to keep the tags.

hit the file to find a folder to keep the tags to make photo gift tags

That's it! You can print the unique photo gift tags out and then tie it to the gift. Make our classmates and other friends jealous that they didn't think of it first. What are you waiting for? Come on and have a try!

You may download this Photo Collage Software here.

free download the software to maake invitations by yourself

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