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How to Make Photo Montage?

how to make photo montageWhen we were growing up, there are numerous unforgettable experiences for us: go to school for the first time, have a good birthday with family and friend, travel to another city and so on. They are so precious that you hope you can get everything recorded in mind or in the diary. But sometimes we may feel that spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

If you know how to make photo montage to keep all the valuable photos together, the thing becomes much easier. Because a photo speaks a thousand words. Don't you have an immersed sense when you review these photos? This article aims to tell you how to make photo montage using the professional photo montage maker - Collage Maker Pro.

Please free download it here, and follow us step by step.

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Guide: How to Make Photo Montage?

Step 1: Before we start, make sure you have downloaded the proper Picture Collage Maker Pro. Install and launch the program.

Step 2: Go to the "Template Type" to locate your favorite template. Press "Add" to import any photos to the selected template. Now, you can start edit the photos as you like. You can also hit the "Add Text" tab to add text to the photo.

choose your favorite template and add the photos and text to edit the photo

Tips: After you finish the editing of a photo, you can choose another template to start creating another photo montage.

Step 3: Go to the "File" manu to adjust the output destination for the photo montage after you finish all the photos' editing.

adjust destination in the file manu to make photo montage with photo montage creater

At last, you can sent the photo montage to your parents and friends or directly print it out to display as a work of art. This excellent software enables you to be far away from the headache of how to make photo montage.

Free Download Collage Maker Pro to have a wonderful experience now!

free download the software to maake invitations by yourself

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